Joachim Kessef

Joachim Kessef (a.k.a Joachim) is an African French male pornographic actor (porn star) who was born in Paris, France, on 12 March 1976. He is reported to be 5'9" (1.75 m) tall. He started to do interracial pornography in the United States in 2000s. He currently has a website [1] and he says that he prefers to work with Russian and Czech women, claiming that most Hungarian female performers have a racist attitude towards blacks.
Birthplace: France

Measurements: Big!

Height: 6'0''

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

WPS Email Interview

WPS - How did you get started as an adult movie performer?
joachim - J'ai rencontré la star des films amateur sur un salon qui m'a dragué et m'a convaincu que je pouvais faire ce metier

(I met the star of the films amateur on really big show in paris which has  dredger me and convinced me that I could make this business)
WPS - Were you a porn fan before you got into the business?
joachim - j'etais un fan des fims de cul avant je reardais beaucoup le journal du hard

(I was a big fan of porno movie before  I use to watch a French sex new in French it called "le journal du hard")
WPS - How's your personal sex life?
joachim - j'ai une copine avec qui je m'amuse beaucoup mais il n'y a pas de tabou dans la relation

(I have a girlfriend now we have so much fun and there is any taboo between us we speak about everything)
WPS - How do women react when you tell them what you do for a living?
joachim - avant ça m'avait posé un probleme maintenant plus mais je peux comprendre leur reaction vis a vis de moi donc si elle ne m'accepte pas ce n'est pas un probleme

(before it was big problem for me not anymore I can understand their reaction for sure if the don’t like me I will not blame nobody)
WPS - Describe your ideal on screen partner?
joachim - quelqu' un qui a envie de s'amuser aussi pas de prise de tète

(somebody who wants also have fun no headache)
WPS - Who are your favorite performers to work with?
joachim - j'ai plusieurs nom en tete la derniere serait julie silver j'adore entre autre cette meuf

(I have several name in my head the last would be Julie silver I really like her)
WPS - How do you feel about condoms?
joachim - on a tous ce probleme de savoir qu'on ne ressent pas grand chose et poutant il faut le mettre car le probleme n'est pas encore resolu

(for sure if you use condom you don’t feel so much but we don’t have any choice we have to keep put it until the found the solution)
WPS - What's the funniest thing you've ever witnessed on set?
joachim - de voir une nana qui pleurait à genoux on avait tous peur qu'on lui fait mal au cul finalement on pouuser un peu plus loin elle a dit qu'elle avait plus mal aux genoux qu'au cul

(to see one girl who cried on their knees we were afraid that someone hurt her then we asked her what is the problem then she said she feel pain in the knees but the ass is fine that was really funny)
WPS - What's the best sex you've had on camera?
joachim - j'oublie le titre du film c'etai avec woodman un jacuzzi dehors dans la nuit profonde j'ai adorer cette scene la situation la fille l'ambiance c'etai extra

(I forget the title of this movie it was outside in nice jacuzzi in middle of night and I really like this scene the situation the girl everything around that really turn me on)
WPS - What do you do outside of work? Hobbies?
joachim - en ce moment j'essaie de passer mon brevet de pilotage c'est vraiment long et je ne suis pas beaucoup les cours mais je le terminerai

(in this moment I try to make my pilot license it really long for me because I don’t have so much time for sure I will go at the end)
WPS - Got any sex tips for the guys out there?
joachim - pas vraiment de toucher mes couilles de temps en temps

(not really I like to touch my ball sometime)
Thank you - joachim

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